About Winona Building Products, LLC

Winona Building Products has been established to meet the demand for US manufactured UL Classified insulation vapor retarders and facings.  The company will manufacture the insulation facings from its 300,000 square foot facility on 28 acres in Plymouth, Indiana.  This Midwestern location will facilitate timely and cost competitive transportation to the entire US and Canada. 
Winona Building Products has been founded by the owners of E&H Products, Inc., which has been supplying the insulation markets since 1983 and Winona Powder Coating, Inc. which has been supplying the building products industry since 1979.  The manufacturing facility is currently UL approved and is ISO 9001-2008 certified.  Winona Building Products is constructing a state of the art inline scrim laminator utilizing the latest PLC technology.   Winona will produce insulation facings up to 101” in width.

Winona has sourced the highest quality components for its insulation facings to meet the needs of users in the metal building insulation, duct wrap, duct board, foam board, pipe jacketing, tape and OEM insulation markets.  Our products are engineered to protect the insulation from the effects of moisture, physical abuse and ultraviolet rays.  Our facings are designed with proprietary flame retardant chemistry to meet stringent fire codes.  

The facings will be produced in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, ASTM International and FM Global.   Winona BP will provide vapor retarders at competitive prices, provide on time deliveries with unparalleled customer service and technical support.  

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Product Availability

Products Available 3rd Quarter 2018:
R35X ~          FOIL/SCRIM/KRAFT


Products Available 3rd Quarter 2019: