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Capabilities of Vapor Retarders for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): HVAC & Appliances

Vapor retarders, otherwise referred to as vapor barriers, provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with benefits such as:

  • Increased Durability

  • Greater Tensile Strength

  • Temperature Resistance

  • Water Resistance

  • Reinforcement Capacity

  • And More

Winona Building Products’ FSK - R35X and PSK - EHP-VRX are suitable for product fabricator implementation. These vapor retarders are particularly valuable for HVAC and appliance manufacturers, providing extra protection for things such as duct boards, ductwork, outward facings, and exposed surfaces. The resistance properties of FSK (Foil-Scrim-Kraft) and PSK (Polypropylene-Scrim-Kraft) insulation facings make them perfect for any products that come in contact with water, fluctuating temperatures, or are at risk of impact. are UL Classified, Eco-Friendly, Red List Free, and also provide exceptional acoustical and fire performance.

Our insulation facings are available all over America and in Canada, with guaranteed one-day delivery to most parts of North America. Many industries benefit from vapor barriers, including metal building, construction, aerospace, and HVAC. When it comes to vapor retarders, there is no higher-quality, more affordable option for protecting your products and preventing moisture, physical abuse, and other causes of damage and breakdown.

Winona Building Products can coat or laminate almost any product, from foil to foam, using our proprietary eco-friendly adhesives. We use state-of-the-art technology to deliver a wide range of services for manufacturers and distributors. For those who refuse to compromise on quality when it comes to product performance, choose Winona Building Products to supply you with the product lamination you need.

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Our Capabilities

Our capabilities for OEMs include:

Our vapor retarders can provide your products with improved functionality through the help of the deployment of advanced multi-layer coatings. Whatever facing you require to be laminated, we can increase its safety, longevity, and performance. We use eco-friendly adhesives and support bi- and tri-laminate configurations. We also can apply additional reinforced poly or fiberglass weave, according to your specifications. Production widths may vary up to 105 and thickness from 1.5-10 mil.

Our contract coating services are achieved by implementing an enclosed direct gravure application. The gravure rolls and impression rolls are 12" diameter. The gravure application is applied through an atmospheric enclosed doctor applicator, which is capable of both forward and reverse gravure.

If you have special requirements, partner with Winona Building Products to get custom lamination, insulation, and facing solutions. You can reach us online as well as by phone at (833) 495-0578. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, get lab samples for testing and certifications, perform pre-production test runs, review results, get an estimate on pricing, or speak with us to achieve your next breakthrough product information, call now.

Enhance Your Products’ Performance with PSK & FSK Vapor Barriers

Winona Building Products is one of the nation’s top suppliers of insulation facings and vapor barriers. Reasons for this include our commitment to using eco-friendly adhesives, implementing a minimum of three layers for our facings, delivering high-quality retarders quickly, and providing highly personal, optimization-oriented customer support. We are here to make sure your products are the best they possibly can be. Call now for more information.