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The Appropriate Use of FSK Duct Board for Residential HVAC Applications

Winona Building Products LLC FSK duct boards and wraps are a thermal and acoustical insulation blanket useful in both residential and commercial HVAC ducts for external insulation. Duct wraps are suitable for both rectangular and round sheet metal ducts in which controlling the temperature and the build-up of condensation is critical. Our FSK duct wrap insulation is ideal for heating ducts, cooling ducts, as well as for dual temperature service ducts. Order FSK laminate facings for your HVAC needs today.

Characteristics of FSK Duct Boards

FSK stands for Foil / Scrim / Kraft, describing the three layers we use to provide you the following features for your ducts with our FSK duct boards:

  • Low Temperature Resistance ASTM C1263 -40°F (-40°C)

  • High Temperature Resistance ASTM C1263 150°F (66°C)

  • No delamination from full water immersion

  • Stop all mold growth

  • 45 psi bursting strength

  • 40 lbs of tensile strength

  • Non-corrosive

  • Longevity — slow down duct aging

FSK duct boards function as both vapor barriers and moisture control, as well as a protective layer over the actual insulation material, such as fiberglass. Other uses besides duct boards for FSK are metal building facings, duct wrap, and more. Winona Building Products, LLC offers FSK in both standard and heavy-duty types, depending on your specific needs. Call us today to get the best FSK duct boards for your HVAC needs.

Facings for Duct Wrap & Duct Board

There are some distinct benefits of FSK duct boards and cut wrap for industrial use. Installing FSk insulation facings can make your ducts more flame retardant, insulated from water vapor, and last longer without needing maintenance or repairs. These benefits make FSK vapor barriers one of the most common insulation facings on the market today. They are made out of lightweight aluminum foil (or a similar type of compound), layered atop a fiberglass scrim, and then added to a layer of natural brown kraft paper. These layers are all laminated together using flame-retardant adhesives to make an excellent outward-facing surface for exposed HVAC ductwork, as well as for exterior walls and ceilings.

FSK duct boards or duct wraps will contribute to the reduction of condensation in and around your HVAC installation, and they will also reduce mold growth and corrosion. FSK duct boards are often a necessary component of any HVAC job.

For high-quality, affordable duct boards and wraps for your HVAC needs, contact Winona Building Products, LLC and get the FSK duct solutions you’re looking for. Besides the affordability and high-quality of our FSK insulation barriers, all our barriers are also adhered with an eco-friendly compound, free from any chemicals considered by the International Living Future Institution to be dangerous to humans and the environment. For vapor barriers that will keep the FSK together indefinitely, provide your ducts greater resistance to fire and heat, that are also eco-friendly, contact Winona Building Products, LLC today to get the best duct board and duct wrap vapor barrier insulation in America. Call now!

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